Private Debt and Equity Investments

What are Private Debt and Equity Investments?

Portfolio Stewards Inc. offers alternative investment strategies to meet the unique needs of our clients. These strategies include securities with lower correlations to public markets, lower expected volatility, access to niche asset classes, higher expected returns, the potential for tax minimization, etc.

We constantly seek new strategies that meet our prudent due diligence requirements to further enhance our clients' portfolios and fulfill our fiduciary responsibilities.

Some examples of our niche investment opportunities include:

Our Investment Philosophy

The Core

Our core strategy uses highly diversified and low cost securities, such as Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and institutional-style funds, to represent the major asset and sub-asset classes of equities, bonds, real estate and cash. The core is neither a passive nor a static strategy, rather allocations are dynamically adjusted when long-term macro trends are identified in global markets and which are anticipated will have significant impacts on the portfolio. 

The Satellite

The satellite augments the core to enhance expected returns and reduce portfolio risk. Investments contained in the satellite may include unique strategies, uncorrelated assets, private securities and other niche investment opportunities that do not fit into the core strategies. These strategies and securities would cover a wide range of asset classes from fixed income, to equities, to real estate and even commodities. Specific holdings can be identified to illustrate their role in our portfolios.