Next Edge Capital

The Concept

0. Introduction

Video Length: 0:39 minutes

1. The Story Behind the Fund

Video Length: 2:31 minutes

2. How is the Portfolio Constructed?

Video Length: 2:07 minutes

3. Who is the ideal investor?

Video Length: 2:07 minutes

4. What are the Anticipated Returns?

Video Length: 1:10 minutes

5. Have You Noticed an Increase in Inflows?

Video Length: 2:13 minutes

6. What is the Minimum Investment and Liquidity of the Fund?

Video Length: 1:04 minutes

7. What is Your Fee Structure?

Video Length: 2:16 minutes

8. What are the Risks to Investors?

Video Length: 2:36 minutes

Quarterly Updates

Q1 2022 Fund Update

Video Length: 19:49 minutes

Q4 2021 Fund Update

Video Length: 19:58 minutes

Q3 2021 Fund Update

Video Length: 11:13 minutes

Q2 2021 Fund Update

Video Length: 16:10 minutes

Q1 2021 Fund Update

Video Length: 11:42 minutes