Greensoil PropTech Ventures Opportunity

We invite you to join  Portfolio Stewards and Greensoil PropTech Ventures for a special webinar presentation.

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When: October 13th
7:00pm – 8:00pm EST

What is the Opportunity?

Greensoil PropTech Ventures Fund II:

  • Venture Capital Fund targeted at US $100M+
  • Seeking Capital Commitments to new Limited Partnership
  • First Closing expected on or about October 30, 2020

Presentation Description

In this presentation, GSPV will provide a detailed overview of its track record, its team, and its investment strategy for Fund II. Presenters will be able to answer questions pertaining to all aspect of the business and discuss how GSPV assesses technologies and provides continuous support for its portfolio.

Meet the Presenters

Alan Greenberg

Chairman & Co-Founder
Greensoil PropTech Ventures

Robert Smith

VP Technology, Greensoil PropTech Ventures
Head of Greensoil Building Innovation Services

Gideon Soesman

Co-Founder & Managing Partner
Greensoil PropTech Ventures

Paul Tyers headshot

Paul Tyers

Managing Director
Portfolio Stewards

Jamie James

Managing Partner
Greensoil PropTech Ventures

Vern Vipul

In House Counsel
Portfolio Stewards

David Harris Kolada

Managing Partner
Greensoil PropTech Ventures

Who is Greensoil PropTech Ventures?

Greensoil PropTech Ventures (GSPV) is a venture capital firm that invests in companies with solutions that make real estate more efficient, productive, and sustainable for all stakeholders – “PropTech”. The firm is led by a team with deep experience in real estate development, management, and operations and venture capital investing.

GSPV is a PropTech pioneer with one of the earliest venture funds in the space formed in 2015 (Fund I). Greensoil PropTech Ventures Fund II has recently launched and has an anchor investment of US $25M from PSP Investments, US $15M of which will be made available in the fund’s first closing as GSPV works towards a US $100M+ target. PSP is a large pension fund with US $120B in assets, $17B of which is in real estate. PSP is joined a number of other LPs, some new and some returning from Fund I. In its first fund, GSPV has many corporate / strategic investors and has a honed an effective partnering approach to provide benefits to both the corporate LPs and to the fund’s portfolio companies.

PropTech has been exploding over the last few years as the real estate sector undergoes rapid digitization – the largest asset class on the planet, that has for so long resisted innovation and which has one of the largest carbon footprints. As domain experts in Real Estate, GSPV works closely with its industry partners to help source, pilot and grow the technology companies they invest in. They combine this domain expertise with decades of venture capital experience and a stated goal of investing at least half of their new fund in technologies that make a material impact on carbon reduction.