The Concept

0. An Introduction to Equiton

Length: 0:38 minutes

1. What is the Story of Equiton?

Length: 1:18 minutes

2. How is the Portfolio Constructed?

Length: 2:12 minutes

3. Who would you say is an Ideal Investor?

Length: 2:23 minutes

4. How Does Value Add fit into your model?

Length: 3:16 minutes

5. Does rent control Impact your Business Model?

Length: 4:43 minutes

6. What goes into the Net Asset Value changes of your fund?

Length: 2:29 minutes

7. What are the tax benefits of Equiton for Investors?

Length: 4:05 minutes

8. What is a reasonable long term return expectation?

Length: 2:50 minutes

9. What is the Minimum Investment and Liquidity of the Fund?

Length: 1:30 minutes

10. What is your fee structure?

Length: 1:02 minutes

11. What is the Advantage of a Private Investment over Public?

Length: 4:12 minutes

12. What risks are there to investors?

Length: 4:52 minutes

Quarterly Updates

Equiton Q1 2022 Portfolio Update

Length: 15:34 minutes

Equiton Q4 2021 Portfolio Update

Length: 13:54 minutes

Equiton Q3 2021 Portfolio Update

Length: 13:54 minutes

Equiton Q2 2021 Portfolio Update

Length: 12:28 minutes

Equiton Q1 2021 Portfolio Update

Length: 13:19 minutes