Antrim Investments

1. What is the Story behind Antrim?

Length: 2:24 minutes

2. How the Antrim portfolio is constructed?

Length: 2:44 minutes

3. Who would you say is an ideal investor for your fund?

Length: 2:00 minutes

4. Based on the business model, what would be a reasonable long-term return expectation for the fund?

Length: 3:13 minutes

5. How liquid is the fund?  If an investor needs the money or wants to redeem their shares, what is the process?

Length: 1:58 minutes

6. What is your fee structure and as the portfolio manager, what do you do to earn your fees?

Length: 2:08 minutes

7. What are the major risks for investors in Antrim?

Length: 2:56 minutes

Quarterly Updates

Q1 2022 Update
(April 2022)

Length: 15:49 minutes

Q4 2021 Update
(February 2022)

Length: 16:09 minutes

Q3 2021 Update
(October 2021)

Length: 8:40 minutes

Q2 2021 Update
(July 2021)

Length: 16:13 minutes

February 2021 Updates

1. What was the return for 2020 and how has 2021 started off?

Length: 1:27 minutes

2. You recently announced temporary purchase restriction on your fund?  How does this affect current and future investors?

Length: 2:40 minutes

3. What steps are you taking to identify new borrowers to be able to meet the needs of new investors in your fund? 

Length: 2:24 minutes

4. When you think of the portfolio, what keeps you up at night?

Length: 3:04 minutes