AGinvest Farm Tour

Join us for Our 2023 Farm Tour

May 31st 2023

AGinvest invests in Ontario Farmland as an alternative asset class. 

AGinvest was created to capitalize on the inherent advantages of Canadian farmland and the growing global demand for food production. Ontario farmland in particular, is among the very best in the world and represents a market of over 13 million acres with a total capitalization of approximately $150 billion. Farmland turnover in this region is estimated to exceed $5 billion annually.

Our logistics, climate, quality soil, consistent rainfall and access to an abundance of supplementary fresh water, make the region’s farmland extremely valuable.

Farm Tour Information

When: May 31st 2023

Where: Long Point Eco Adventures.

Detailed itinerary to follow upon registration 

  • Meet the AGinvest Team 
  • Learn why Ontario is home to some of the best famland on the planet 
  • Learn how AGinvest optimizes farmland and surfaces value for investors 
Ag invest logo and photo of president Kent Willmore

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