About Us

Portfolio Stewards sources and researches private debt and equity investment opportunities that we feel provides investors with an appropriated expected return for a given level of risk. We then educate investors about the concepts and general opportunities of private debt and equity investments and how they might fit into a portfolio with traditional investments.

Our Team

Paul Tyers headshot

Paul Tyers


Managing Director

Paul and his team provide financial planning and wealth management services to affluent Canadians, typically in conjunction with their other “trusted advisors.”

Bob Simpson

Vice President, Portfolio Strategy

Bob Simpson is Director Private Debt and Equity for Portfolio Stewards, a subsidiary of Wealth Stewards. Prior to joining Wealth Stewards, he was...

James Bentley

BMath, CFA

Portfolio Trader

James works closely with the firm’s portfolio managers in researching prospective investments and executing trades for clients.

Who Does What?

Portfolio Stewards Inc (PSI) is a portfolio manager registered in Ontario, Alberta, British Columbia and Quebec and is held to the highest fiduciary standard. All client investments are managed on a fully discretionary basis. All clients will receive quarterly statements prepared on a household basis, as well as a year-end tax package.

Wealth Stewards Inc (WSI) provides comprehensive financial planning, insurance advisory, risk management, drafting of wills and power of attorneys. WSI is the parent company of Portfolio Stewards Inc and Estate Stewards Inc.

All client assets are held in custody at National Bank Independent Network (NBIN), a division of NBF Inc and a wholly owned subsidiary of the National Bank of Canada. NBIN is Canada’ leading provider of custody, trade execution and brokerage services to independent portfolio managers and investment dealers. You will receive monthly statements and year-end tax slips from NBIN.